BB Ranch

BB Ranch was founded to connect consumers looking for local, grass-fed beef and other meats directly with local ranchers raising animals on grass. We call this Ranch to Plate.

We buy and process whole animals, not just the choicest cuts, and offer them to consumers in downtown Seattle from our shop in the historic Pike Place Market.

We’re a local butcher shop selling beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, duck, and eggs raised locally by farmers in Lopez Island, Bow, Duvall, Marysville, and ranchers in Whatcom, Skagit and Snohomish counties as well as Eastern Washington.

We also make our own sausage, jerky and marinades.

From time to time, we will carry grass-fed meats from other Pacific Northwest states and Montana.

Most of what we have in the case changes weekly as we buy one or two animals at a time, and typically they are processed by the Island Grown Farmers Coop’s Mobile processing unit.

In our butcher shop case, you’ll find what’s called primal cuts of meat that we cut to order. Some folks are intimidated by such large hunks of meat, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to get exactly what you need.

Whether you’re cooking for a party of 20 or a party of two, William, who ran a large catering company and is a professionally trained chef, will help you figure out just what you need – just bring in your recipe.


Ranch to Plate™


Do you know that what an animal eats helps flavor the meat you eat? You probably just thought it was a matter of bloodlines and breeds. Scientists, chefs, farmers and ranchers are now  finding out  there’s a lot more to it.

So we’re working with some of our local ranchers to produce flavorful meat, meat that’s lean or marbled, and tastes like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. And it’s not just cattle.

During the first week of December you’ll be able to grab some melon-fed pork and we’ll happily record your description of the sweet taste on Bill’s blog. We will let you know when we get some of these special-fed animals, just check out the blog or follow us on Twitter.

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